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Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone

This is technically a re-post, but since I relaunched this blog to focus more on photography—and the older post is currently not rendering the photo after changes to the code he...

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The mouth of the Tyne

North Shields has fantastic fish and chips, along with this lovely view of the Tyne and Tynemouth.

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A few years ago, Liz and I took a long weekend to Venice in November. We lucked out massively with the weather: there'd been flooding the week before and the biggest flood in de...

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1923 Delage V12 steering wheel

Although I haven't managed to make it down the past couple of years, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of my favourite events to attend: a massive range of sports and racing...

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I love Northumberland. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK and the drive through the national park and round the Otterburn military firing range is spectacula...

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Howick Hall

Howick Hall: birthplace of Earl Grey tea (and purveyor of a very nice Welsh rarebit in the tea room!).I've visited Howick Hall a couple of times, this last time a couple of year...

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Selling the Mamiya

After writing my article about the Bronica S2 and Mamiya 645 AFD and starting to write a much larger article (still to come) about my camera history, it's got me thinking throug...

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Twilight at Cullercoats Bay

Time for a more recently-taken photograph; this one from October last year and Cullercoats again.My mother's new house in Cullercoats is so close to the seafront that it provide...

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Snowy Greenwich Park

As the temperatures have finally dropped to actual winter levels here in London and I finally saw some snow on our trip to Nottingham at the weekend, I thought I'd post this pho...

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Kielder Water

I took this photo way back in 2008 on my Canon 40D. My brother, Christian, and I drove over to Kielder late one afternoon to see a bit of scenery and take some photos. We got a ...